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Children’s Education and Culture

We provide a broad scope of information and educational tools for active childcare professionals.
Cyber Lecture Program

Our cyber lecture system allows childcare professionals to access Samsung’s exemplary education program at their convenience.
Multimedia tools and web documents effectively organize a student-oriented educational system that fulfills the diverse needs of teachers. We also present new methodologies for successful continuing education programs that are essential to childcare professionals.

Cultural Information Resources

We provide information on a variety of cultural events for children, their families and education professionals. We also display information on interesting family events in cultures around the world.

Childcare and Facility Information

To share Samsung Childcare programs’ accumulated expertise, we offer childcare program and facility management information, such as safety and hygiene. Our data can be used immediately to develop programs and enhance operational efficiency.

Children’s Rights

We take a look at the rights of children as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Take a moment to identity children’s right that are overlooked in daily life and learn about practical ways to protect children through real-life examples.

Recommended Sites

· Information on children’s health and care
· Libraries, museums, and other place that welcome children
· Miscellaneous recommended sites, including counseling groups that cater to a broad range of needs

Cultures of the World

We compare cultures from many different countries through subjects that interest children. Distinctive cultural traits are discussed entertainingly by focusing on food, clothing, Houses, etc.