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Children’s Education

We will give our all to the children’s bright and vibrant energetic future to instill hope and dreams in children throughout the land.
Childcare Programs
Fruitful programs enrich our Samsung Childcare Centers

book photo The Samsung Child Education and Culture Center has systematized infant and child programs that are the results of years of dedicated research and practical applications. Since these programs form the core of Samsung Childcare Center operations, we are able to offer unique and high-quality educational services. However, we are not content with these accomplishments. Periodic evaluation, academic training courses, and program operation instructions all work together to improve Samsung Childcare Centers. In addition, every teacher at our Childcare Centers has the opportunity to pursue further education, which translates to enhanced education for the children.

We try our best for children from low-income families and for physically or mentally challenged children. We are expanding our childcare services to offer comprehensive services that meet the diverse needs of families We will try our utmost to improve childcare as a whole in Korea.

We develop programs for teachers everywhere.

cyber lecture photo Our cyber lecture system allow childcare professionals to access education programs at their convenience. We also present new methodologies for successful continuing education programs that are essential to childcare professionals. In addition, we donate quality educational materials to help childcare centers in remote and/or low-income areas.

Information Programs

The Samsung Child Education and Culture Center operates a web site bursting with information, sharing our proprietary data and expertise with not only childcare institutions but with parents, children and professionals. The site is organized so that anyone can find the information they need with ease. We provide information on Samsung Childcare programs and center operations to childcare professionals who are responsible for protecting and educating children. Our site is continually updated to provide the latest information.

Cultural Programs

The Samsung Child Education and Culture Center offers a variety of cultural programs for children and thief families. By effectively isolating the intersections between welfare and culture, we strive to present diverse cultural experiences, such as exhibitions, performances We hope to stimulate more arts and cultural activities for children and families through our online art and culture experiences and participatory events.

Education and Research Programs

We conduct academic research on infant and child development We strive to contribute to academic progress, Research results are published and distributed widely. We will try to be a great help to the field by conducting constant research now and forever.