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Samsung Childcare Centers

We constantly strive to create a space of true childcare full of children’s laughter, where they can grow to be healthy in body and mind
Samsung Childcare Centers accept children aged five and under,
with thirty-one locations throughout Korea. Safe and pleasant inside and out, the facilities offer childcare programs that are suitable for child development and appropriate to each region and individual center. Furthermore, our centers are distinguished by an outstanding teaching staff, nutritious meals, stringent hygiene standards, and much more. Our superb staff is comprised of principals and teachers, in addition to nutritionists, nurses, administrative staff, and welfare professionals, so that each person can concentrate on his or her responsibilities. These efforts directly contribute to the healthy development of our children.
Designed with children’s specific needs in mind, our centers are as comfortable as home.

Our exclusive design team makes it a priority to give growing children sufficient space. Space is organized with children’s physical development in mind, while the size of fixtures and furnishings are fitted for children. To maintain a healthy environment for developing children, special attention is paid to ensure ample sunlight and ventilation, as well as harmonious interiors and exteriors. Facilities are inspected regularly, and age-related structural damage is preempted by advance planning? all part of our continual improvement efforts.

Our educational centers aim to promote every aspect of a child’s development.

Developed after years of extensive research and practical application, Samsung’s childcare program is based on a child-centered philosophy, encouraging a balanced growth combining physical and emotional health, personal growth, language skills and ethical awareness. We encourage children to explore their talents and creativity and also provide hands-on learning opportunities.

Children’s nutrition is systematically managed for balanced physical development, following
  strict hygiene standards.

Each center has its own nutritionist on staff to oversee the children’s meals. Our proprietary meal plan includes natural seasonal foods and a balanced distribution of nutrients. We make an effort to maintain the quality of hygiene standards and nutrition management through regular education.

Children’s health and safety are our top priority.

The children undergo annual physical exams, and each center has an infirmary staffed with a certified nurse to monitor their health. Moreover, our centers are fumigated and disinfected on a regular basis, and every entrance has a security device to regulate who enters the facilities. Samsung childcare centers have also periodically conducted fire drills and carry out safety educations as well as disinfection to prepare in case of various disasters.

Our staff, comprised of educated and experienced principals and first-rate teachers, is a source
  of great pride for us.

We make an effort to maintain the quality of our staff through centralized large-scale or smaller on-site training that reinforces educational primers, skill development, and more.